Six Piece Spring Womenswear Collection

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The Coat of Many Colors is a beautifully handcrafted using a textile designed entirely from fabric scraps that would be thrown away. Sustainability and hope inspired by the symbolism found in the story of the Coat of Many Colors.  

Black corduroy shorts, and jumper dress embellished with silk ribbon sewn on to represent a bar code. Raising awareness of how thousands of people are sold for their bodies in human trafficking.

Patchwork eyes, each with hand sewn pearls on the back of the jacket represent that we need to open our eyes to global injustices.

Photoshoot at the Saks Fifth Avenue Photo Studio in New York City/ Thank you to the amazing team!

Photography: Katie Rose Photography @katie.rose_photo 

Styling: Tasha Beltran, @jesss_gi 

 Art Direction: Jon Breen

Models: Alex Ferguson, Miranda Bledsoe